I wanted to start this off by mentioning that we had been here before, drawn in by rave reviews, their frozen screwdrivers, and the coincidence that their name is a portmanteau of mine and my wife’s names. We had some brunch and some drinks, but it was so long ago, all I remember is the service at the bar was great, my eggs were perfect, and their refried black beans were a nom-a-licious surprise.

Now, quite a few months later, I embarked on my taco quest and have been circling like a condor on my way back to try some of Zia’s tacos…and why the heck did I wait so long? Seriously, these things were packed and even though $4-$5 per taco seems expensive when you’re used to authentic street tacos, once these plump tacos were placed in front of me my worries disappeared.

First, I want to talk about the barbacoa. This was delicious and the toppings were the traditional onion and cilantro. There had to have been almost 6 ounces of meat inside this monster, but instead of the super fatty barbacoa I’ve grown to love, the meat was more akin to pot roast. Still, it was delicious. Having sated my Mexican meat craving, I moved to some veg options. The jackfruit was amazing, but honestly, I was hoping the chili peppers next to it on the menu would mean it was spicier. The sauce it was tossed/cooked in was amazing, though, and pineapple and purple cabbage was perfect on top. Next up was the nopales — cactus, for the uninitiated. They offer it fried or grilled and never having it before, I asked the bartender which way to get it, and, man, he was not wrong suggesting fried. This beast of a vegetarian taco played like your typical Baja fish taco, with that crispy breading, a ridiculous corn salsa, pickled onions, cotija, and another delicious crema sauce. I highly suggest all three of these. If none of them appeal, the chicken taco Mia had and made sure I tried was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of heat.

A side note needs to be mentioned, that their nacho platter was walked by us, and this thing could have fed a family of 8 if a smothered plate of chips is more your play.

So if you’re looking for tacos (and did I mention frozen screwdrivers?) and haven’t tried Zia Taqueria, Go! Seriously, now. And tip your bartender a little extra when they give you great suggestions.


Till the next taco…