I hadn’t had the pleasure of eating at Gan Shan before their menu relaunch, but I knew it was going to be good the moment I stepped out of my car. The aromas wrap you up like your favorite song after a long day during the short walk from the parking lot and begin tantalizing your appetite and wonder at what you’re about to eat. My wife and were in love with the Imperial Rolls we got to start, wrapped in romaine leaves at your discretion with some mint and dipped in nuoc chom. These definitely dialed us in on where the rest of the food was going to go — markedly Asian with staples you’ve come to love with some inspired twists I’d never seen before. The beef carpaccio dish was deceivingly spicy and opened up the taste buds delightfully if you are into the heat.

And the volume certainly didn’t get turned down for the mains. We decided on Shrimp Pad Thai and Pork Ramen. Shrimp was tender and the noodles carried unwavering and classic umami flavors with perfect proportions of noodles to shrimp to egg. The ramen had a small mix of veggies and some delectable pork belly pieces alongside a generous helping of noodles, and to top it off was The Soy Sauce Egg, which I’m still trying to wrap my head around — soft boiled and browned by the soy carrying all that perfect saltiness into the broth.

10/10 would recommend and am definitely going back.