Anyone close to me knows I love me some tacos from Taco Billy. While White Duck Taco seems to be loved by tourists and locals alike (before you get enraged, don’t worry I like it there too), I would rather fight tooth and nail for a parking space at Taco Billy just to sink my teeth into a good old Billy Ocean (breakfast taco with home fries, eggs and jack cheese for only $3.50).

The menu is simple–nothing too fancy and no overwhelming ingredient lists that contain a plethora of bells and whistles. But everything is executed perfectly. And if you do want some bells and whistles, you can build your own taco.

The decor throughout the dining rooms and restrooms is quirky and fun. Be sure to take a close look at the artwork, as it pays tribute to their namesake: the billy goat.

My only complaint is the parking. I’m sure the management is well aware that their parking lot sucks because everyone that frequents the place knows you have to be prepared to fight to the death for a spot. However, word on the street is that they may be getting more space? (Don’t quote me on that, though.)

A few of my favorites on the menu: Billy Ocean, Support Group and the chips and queso.