Noble Cider’s newest venture, The Greenhouse, celebrates its grand opening on Friday, June 21. I’m so excited for our friends at Noble Cider and to continue to watch this awesome company grow. 

I remember my very first conversation with owner Joanna about the Noble Cider concept. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph many of Noble’s milestones along the way and I could not be prouder of all they have accomplished since the launch of their business. I still feel a little thrill of excitement every time I see their product on a restaurant menu or in a store – I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m one of their biggest fans.

I’ve been looking forward to experiencing The Greenhouse since I first learned about Noble’s plans to open a restaurant downtown.  It was so much fun to attend their soft opening last week and I feel really fortunate to help introduce Asheville to this amazing new space. 

It’s simply beautiful – full of light, alive with plants, inviting and friendly while at the same time feeling quite exotic and tropical. The food is incredible – perfectly executed, flavorful, interesting, and beautiful to look at and photograph. The signature cocktails are lovely as well – my favorite is their version of a French 75. 

I can’t wait to watch The Greenhouse grow and flourish just as Noble Cider has done. And I’m looking forward to being a frequent guest there as well.