Nice, thoughtful, gorgeous, tasty AF: words you can use to describe the experience that is Noble Cider’s The Greenhouse. This restaurant was designed to be more than just a place to eat; it was designed to be an experience. Visually, they have heavily invested in a feeling that pulls you out of the concrete cityscape into a bohemian tropical getaway.

The Greenhouse is decorated like the beachy, hipster garden room of my dreams and the food is absolutely delightful. I felt so very privileged to be invited to a media preview tasting party and I was floored with how much flavor was bundled into each bite. Melt-in-your-mouth brisket, gnocchi made in heaven, a chocolate tart to rule all chocolate tarts:  every dish I tried was built to maximize flavor, texture, and presentation impact.

My suggestion is to dress up in your favorite attire for a tropical dinner and head there for an enchanting evening of cocktails and dessert.

P.S.: they easily accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, no problem.

Photo Credit: Carrie Turner (Larder & Light)