How awesome is it when a restaurant favorite shakes things up and releases a new menu? Gan Shan Station did just that recently and I am so happy to report on some of my favorites!

Let me start by telling you, YOU MUST ORDER THE THAI WRAPS! From the crispy rice to the charred scallion and tamarind dressing, you’ll be excited for both the flavors and texture of this dish. Served in a bowl with a side of bibb lettuce, diners are welcome to wrap the lettuce, or how we chose to finish it, skip the lettuce and go for the goods.

The other highlight of our night was the Japenese soda, Ramuné. Fun to open and unique in taste, this soda with a marble stopper should be tried by everyone at least once.

Whether you are looking for small plates to share with company or main dish classics like Pad Thai and Ramen, this Asian Fuson restaurant’s new menu is totally worth a revisit! Gluten-sensitive, vegan and vegetarian options are clearly labeled on the menu and readily available