This week I had the honor of attending the grand opening of Rosabees, a restaurant featuring Hawaiian fusion cuisine that will challenge and broaden your perceptions of Polynesian food.

I make boiled peanuts when we camp, usually flavoring them simply with salt and maybe some jalapeño slices. Rosabees Island Peanuts are next level, packing a gorgeous punch of complex and nuanced flavors.

My Shoyu Tofu entree was delish – the tofu had browned crispy edges, a tasty sweet and salty glaze, and a supple but never mushy interior. It was served over a wasabi satsuma mash that everyone at my table loved. I had no idea what satsuma was – it turns out it’s a citrus fruit similar to a clementine. Wait, whaaa? Yes. Tasted fantastic. And these weren’t yo mama’s canned green beans. These haricots verts were served crunchy, with bangin’ ginger and chili seasoning.

The Bubble Waffle Grilled Cheese played the deep richness of the gruyere against the bright sweetness of the passion fruit purée. The waffle texture was spot on, and the coconut syrup dip was a great touch.

We all had a blast with the Synergetic S’mores! You could toast the matcha marshmallows over a central Sterno fire pit and then build your masterpiece with the house-made graham crackers and Rosabee chocolate – so stinkin’ good.

Give this place a try – I don’t think you’ll regret it, and tell ‘em nomnominator sent ya.