Had to post about my supper last night. On Taco Tuesday, Polanco offers three gourmet “street” tacos, served with refried beans and cilantro rice, all for a measly ten bucks!

The Spanish Garlic Mushroom includes huitlacoche, rosemary, and Chile de Arbol. The meaty, succulent ‘shrooms are bathed in garlicky, spicy magic, and anchored by a homemade taco shell for a truly satisfying bite.

The mole taco features No Evil Foods “chicken,” which is a fantastic local product. I kinda think mole may be the king of sauces, and Chef Ricardo makes a mean one, with 32 ingredients and a whole lotta love.

Last but not least is the Poblano, to which vegan cream, smart butter, and fresh corn are added to produce one of the freshest tasting flavor bombs of all time. Wicked good.

The cilantro rice is a side dish, it’s true, but it’s definitely not an afterthought. Many cooks fail miserably with this type of rice, but Polanco’s is spot on – glorious texture/mouthfeel with just a touch of stickiness, and a beautifully delicate flavor that’s neither bland nor overpowering, complementing the other dishes perfectly.

Be sure to say hello to the chef when you eat here – Ricardo is frequently seen making his rounds, ensuring the happiness of every customer. Not only is he a genius in the kitchen, but he’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Live well, amigos.