This is in an unassuming shopping center in South Asheville.  Which is great, because I used to be able to just sneak in here to get the best Pho in Asheville without the downtown parking until word got out.  So, I’m only writing this to tell you how horrible it is and that you people need to stop eating here.

For real though, soup is the ultimate comfort food for me.  Pho is like soup upgraded.  The first time I learned how to make it from scratch I was surprised at all the unexpected spices that go into it.  No wonder it’s so flavorful.  Add full pieces of your choice of protein (filet for me) to make this a full meal with substance.  Then my favorite is the bowl they give you on the side with generous portions of fresh basil, scallions, jalapeño, and cilantro so you can add it in tableside to retain its crunchiness.  Squeeze in some lime juice and it’s really just perfection.

Everyone that I like enough to share this place with has loved it.  Well, except for that one guy.  I never talked to him again.  What a weirdo.  How do you not like Pho?!  I knew there was something about him that wasn’t right.