Yes, I know that the title is cringe-worthy. But it’s oh-so-true. I’ve really got it b(h)ad for Bhramari Brewing Company. Not only is the place just plain old cool, but their beer is GOOD. Like, really good. (Understand that this is coming from someone that often doesn’t like craft beer. Sorry, all you Asheville beer snobs.)

Their beer list is vast, and – if I remember correctly – everything is brewed in-house. One thing that I love is that Bhramari is constantly experimenting with flavor combinations. Every time I visit, they’ve got something new and rather unusual for me to try. (I guess that’s whatcha gotta do in an oversaturated market, ha. A plain IPA ain’t gonna cut it anymore.)

As far as food goes, they offer a few different menus depending on what time of day/what day of the week you visit. This includes lunch, dinner, late night and weekend brunch and Sunday dinner.

Dishes on these menus also change pretty frequently, as they seem to source ingredients that are fresh and in season. Bhramari also always has one or two vegetarian options – and nothing boring like a hummus wrap or a black bean patty. (However, I will say that their vegetarian burger is SO good. The sauce they use is heavenly.)

The dining space itself is another thing that keeps me coming back to Bhramari. I like to describe it as rustic chic. And please don’t mistake chic for girly; it’s far from that. They’ve got a very nice natural wood theme coupled with some of the coolest light fixtures in town. Their outdoor patio space is also quite nice, complete with corn hole for the kiddos.

The last thing that I want to note is that the wait staff are all very knowledgable about items on the menu. Whether it’s beer or food, they’ve always given me some great recommendations.