Asheville has so much to offer when it comes to cuisine and cocktails. Every imaginable style of food is present in our culinary mecca. So it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that Gan Shan Station knows just how to tingle your taste buds with an amazing variety of food from the Orient!

Ultimate spot offering Asian curries, stir-fries, and ramen dishes with amazing presentation.   Its full bar is the perfect spot for an Apéritif, meal paring or digestif.

Gan Shan recently opened a second location in West Asheville with open arms from the community.

Here is an excerpt from the site about something special the restaurant offers to its patrons:

“The Chef’s tasting is a Chef curated menu specific to that party’s dietary restrictions and aversions. The tasting ranges between 8 and 12 courses and typically takes around 2 hours to complete. This is the only reservation we accept and it must be made 48 hours in advance.”