Ultra Coffeebar, formerly known as Clingman’s Café, is one of my absolute favorite places in Asheville. Despite the fact that the word “coffeebar” is part of their name, they actually serve a lot more than your average coffee shop. And their bagel sandwiches are my favorite in the area.

Their menu is full of spunky dishes and snacks, including many different vegan bagel options (not just a hummus bagel, my friends). I’m talking vegan meat substitutes, vegan cream cheese, and even a vegan egg. And as someone who has tried my fair share of restaurants that serve less than stellar vegan food, I can tell you that Ultra isn’t one of those places.

Fear not, meat lovers. Their menu has plenty of sandwiches featuring bacon, sausage, pork, turkey and even corned beef. Oh, and they’ve got a nice variety of fresh baked goodies that will surely knock your socks off. (At least they do mine).

Similar to many places in Asheville, their parking situation sucks. But their light-filled dining room and unique location is totally worth parking in their janky lot (if you’re lucky) or on a neighboring street.

My favorite items on the menu: the Nutella muffin and the Viva La Vegan breakfast sandwich. Also, their simple asiago bagel with cream cheese is a repeat offender of mine.