Gan Shan Station is a yummy restaurant in Asheville that utilizes fresh and seasonal ingredients to create Asian food with a flair.

I chose to sit outside on the evening that I went so as to enjoy the fresh mountain air, which probably wasn’t the best idea since we were in the midst of a tropical storm. Luckily, the wonderful wait staff put the rain panels down right before it started to rain so I wasn’t carried away into the Magical (yet slightly off-putting) Land of Oz, therefore missing my delightful dinner.

Gan Shan Station has a broad menu, featuring plenty of small plates, main dishes, snack and sides, desserts as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The AVLFN team got a sneak peek into the new menu for the season, and it’s kind of amazing to say the least.

To drink, I decided on the Thai Iced Tea. Although, for date night, I definitely plan on going back to have some sake or maybe even a sake flight. There is also a broad selection of wine, beer, and cocktails to choose from.

To start, I had the Sweet Corn & Mushroom Dumplings, which came with scallion dipping sauce. They were plentiful, and OMG so good: spicy, but not too spicy to where I had to be “that weird lady” and ask for a tall glass of milk while holding back tears.

For my entree, I had the Pad Thai. The Pad Thai at Gan Shan Station isn’t you’re average Pad Thai, it comes packed with large shrimp and bursting with flavor. Each bite seems to be even more savory than the last. It’s extra fresh, yet filling and light at the same time.

For dessert, I had (just a taste) of the Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream. The server was nice enough to bring me just a sample when I explained to him that I really wanted dessert but was almost too full to enjoy another bite from the menu. So, this ice cream is unique since it’s made with cream cheese, which creates an amazingly creamy consistency. It had a sweet, but not *too* sweet taste that was perfectly balanced by the sweet potato flavor.

Make sure not to miss the Promotional Nights at Gan Shan Station. There’s a special every night of the week – like 1/2 off bottles of wine nights on Wednesday or Family Night on Sunday where pups (and kids) eat for free!