Last week I had the honor of joining a handful of fellow local foodies at the media opening of Noble: The Greenhouse. If there ever was a restaurant with decor that spoke to my soul, The Greenhouse is it.

Right away, the flora blew me away. This gem is decked out with succulents, ferns, and various hearty green foliage. The seating is comfy, giving off a very hygge vibe. From wicker chairs, bold wallpaper, a couch, and a nature-inspired color palette, I was hooked even before there was a drink in my hand. I need their decorator’s name because I want my house to feel this good.

The exceptional staff quickly put the Clementine Session Mead in my hand and assured me they would accommodate my gluten allergy and a fellow diner’s vegetarian diet. In no time, we were dining on hot smoked chicken wings that caused this chatterbox to shut it. Next up, Gnocchi with delicious crunchy Brussels sprouts and a Chinese BBQ glaze I could have licked off the plate. When they brought out the gluten-free lentil pie, for a short moment, I was ready to become a vegetarian. These red wine-braised veggies didn’t leave me missing meat for even a second. I am not even sure how little time it took me to devour the perfectly grilled striped bass that was served with summer squash and preserved lemons.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they presented not one but TWO gluten-free desserts! Y’all, if you live in the gluten-free world, finding one staple dessert on a restaurant’s menu will make you jump for joy. The raw cheesecake had so many fantastic flavors, I would have been more than satisfied. Yet, I found myself moaning as I brought the rhubarb and strawberry pavlova to my mouth. Yes, it is that good!

As I chatted with my fellow foodies, I quickly realized why I was so in love. Each dish I devoured was unlike anything else I had eaten in Asheville. I could find no comparison, as each dish was unique and packed with a combination of ingredients I am not sure I’d ever tasted together.

Before leaving this haven, I sipped and bonded with friends over the Greenhouse Bamboo as I internally brainstormed each person I planned to bring here to dine.

Don’t be a fool. Get over to their website and make a reservation now!