Asian food is a must in my diet, but there are so many types of Asian food to choose from; Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and the list goes on. Can’t decide? No problem, just head on over to Gan Shan Station. The eclectic menu has enough choices for even the most indecisive diner.

On our recent visit, we sampled a lot of different dishes. We began with the house-made dumplings. The flavors change daily and you can choose from either a meat or vegetarian option. We chose pork. What a great start! They were so fresh and delicious. I could have eaten more, but I knew there were other treats on the way. Next up were the chili cumin ribs. Another home run! They were juicy with great spice. Not a hot, burn your tongue, spice, just a good flavorful spice.

Moving on to the fried imperial roll: a pork and mushroom filling is wrapped and fried to perfection to give you that satisfying crunch. All of these dishes can be found under the small plates part of the menu. We could have easily stuck to ordering two or three small plates and been completely satisfied for dinner, but we were in it for the long haul!

For my entree, I chose the Kung Pao Chicken. I loved that it wasn’t breaded and fried. Rather it was light, with a mild spice and really tasty. My husband ordered the Som Tam: a Thai dish with black bean chicken, banana blossom, green papaya, peanuts, fresh herbs, fried shallots, and sticky rice. I stole a few bites and it was fantastic!

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Asia! Gan Shan Station checks all the boxes for a lovely night out. Be sure to check it out soon.