What happens when my one of my favorite coffee shops (High Five) decides to join forces with one of my favorite Asheville Chefs (Jacob Sessoms, I’m only a little obsessed). All Day Darling happens!  When this place opened, it became an instant Asheville classic that ran like a well-oiled machine right out the gate.

The restaurant is a walk up, order, and take a number to your table kind of place. Which is as efficient as it is dangerous for your waistline/wallet because their gorgeous pastries are right next to the register. I haven’t walked away without ordering at least two sweets every time. One for me now, one for me later… if it makes it to the car, cause sometimes I have my cake and eat a cookie, too.

I haven’t tried everything yet but I’m working my way through the menu. So far, my favorites have been The Standard: a fried egg, cheddar, herbed mayo breakfast sandwich that I always upgrade to be on a croissant with bacon and avocado, cause I’m extra calories like that. The Thunderbowl: gluten-free fried chicken (it’s very crisp and moist) with harissa aioli and fermented veggies. Throw an egg on and it’s breakfast. Everything I’ve had from the pastry case has been fabulous. We’re talking some serious lamination. The burger has honorable mentions, but I didn’t have it as my meal. I just stole a bite or two, but I remember really liking that bite or two.

Other than great food, the space itself is beautiful and open with huge garage-style windows that open in the summer. On weekends and evenings, there’s ample parking which is a godsend in this town.

But the best part about going here is that you don’t have time limitations when ordering your favorite items, cause Darling, it’s an All Items, All Day kind of place.