Wicked Weed’s newest addition, Cultura, located just next door to its sour beer mecca, Funkatorium, is a culinary hot spot if I’ve ever seen one.

After opening just last week – May 3, to be exact – the restaurant has grabbed the attention of local foodies with its one-of-a-kind menu that manages to offer simple, recognizable dishes that have unique ingredients, giving each one its own Cultura flair, so to say.

The Bucket of Birds, for instance, is a literal bucket of chicken like you would receive at KFC. But it’s gourmet-ified, if you will. (Yes, I totally just made that word up.) And the new potatoes taste like home fries fit for a queen as they are paired with porcini and ‘nduja – ingredients I had to google, by the way.

Additionally, each item on the menu has at least one ingredient that is cultured. (The cultured butter with their sourdough bread, for example.) Cultura is Latin for culture, so this rings true to their name. (For the record, my server explained this to me.)

Cultura also has a great beer, wine, and cocktail list. Being that it’s located next to Funkatorium, they’ve got dozens of freshly-crafted beers that are on tap, bottled or canned. Also, if you like bourbon, you’ve got to try the BLVD cocktail.

So whether you’re out with a group of friends or you’re planning a date night for you and your significant other, visit Cultura and delight your tastebuds.