There is rarely a week that I frequent Liberty House Café less than three times. I live on the south end of Asheville, but Lord have mercy on my gas bill because I’ve gotta get my coffee fix at Liberty and it just can’t be stopped.

One word: Cubanito. I tell ya what, that’s the drink that’s changed my life. I always liked Liberty, but this is the drink that made me love it. (Ok, also their avocado toast.) It’s sweet and salty, rich and creamy and it’s correctly portioned. (Yes, I’m referencing my distaste for Starbucks and such that sell–literally, but not literally–87 oz. cappuccinos.) Regardless, the cubanito is 6 oz. of pure joy. With that, I’ll leave you to either Google it or try it yourself if you haven’t already.

As I referenced above, the avocado toast is, well, phenomenal. I’m pretty sure it’s what everyone orders, but for once everyone has it right. And while the avocado is fresh and perfectly seasoned, it’s really the bread that makes their avocado toast so freakin’ good. (P.S. They get it freshly baked from Underground Baking Co. in Hendersonville.)

Their shakshuka and EPIC Breakfast Sandwich are also extremely good. Oh, and their yogurt & granola is simply done, yet so decadent.

Now for the details you care less about.

The parking situation is subpar, but not terrible. You can either (peacefully) fight it out for a spot on the street with the Asheville Yoga Center crowd or take your chances parking in the Premier Martial Arts business spots (but do you really want to choose that option?). I can usually find a spot within a few minutes, so I honestly can’t complain.

The location itself is perfect. At least, I think it is. I try to avoid downtown at all costs because A) who actually wants to park downtown just for a freakin’ cup of coffee, and, B) downtown construction makes my head spin in circles. Liberty is also nestled in a somewhat residential area, so I enjoy the change of scenery.

Bottom line: If you haven’t gone to Liberty yet, I’m not even sure what you’re doing. In fact, just the hypothetical thought of you not having visited is enough to make me finish this post. Please go.