Chestnut’s current seasonal salad celebrates the bounty of spring with a strawberry-focused dish that’s perfect for the warm sunny weather we’ve been enjoying lately. I met a good friend downtown for a mid-week lunch – one of my favorite ways to take in a great meal while pausing to reconnect and enjoy conversation – and we chose Chestnut as our meeting place because of their inviting lunch menu. I especially like Chestnut’s commitment to using local produce and supporting local food artisans, a feature that has also made me a long-time fan of their sister establishment, Corner Kitchen.

When we arrived, the doors were standing open, fresh flowers were on all the tables, and the sunlight was streaming in beautifully.  I was happy our server steered me in the direction of the fleeting seasonal salad because it was definitely a great choice. The seasonal salad includes tender lettuce, house-made lemon Ricotta, local strawberries, a bright pink peppercorn strawberry coulis, crispy peanuts, topped with basil vinaigrette. I added a perfectly grilled piece of salmon.

Chestnut has an impressive wine list, as well – I indulged in a glass of crisp Albariño, which was the perfect accompaniment to my meal. My friend enjoyed the Artichoke Panini with a side of the Satay Pea Slaw, which she said was fresh and delicious.

Next time you’re looking for a nice lunchtime getaway, Chestnut is the way to go.